Top Tips for Sellers


Through our expert knowledge and extensive marketing we will be there to sell your property as soon as we can. However there are certain recommendations we have for you, as the seller, to speed up the selling process.

1. The Gardens, Driveway and First Impressions

What would your reaction be to the property when you first see it? First impressions count for everything and you only have one chance to get it right. Is the garden well kept? Is there any colour? Are there any weeds on the drive? Does the fence need a new coat of paint? Even having a clean car could make all the difference.

2. Clutter

Especially for viewings but also for your property photos. Make sure your house is tidy and free from clutter, although people aren't buying your belongings it can sometimes take a lot for people to look past them.

3. Blank Canvas

Your home will be decorated to your taste and this may not be to everyone's liking. Some buyers may want a blank canvas so they can put there own stamp on the property, maybe a new neutral coat of paint could make a difference in a room that may have been decorated for a child?

4. Lighting

Make sure that you open curtains for viewings and utilise artificial light if needed. By keeping blinds and curtains shut it can make rooms look smaller than they are.

5. Line up your solicitor and do some pre-planning

Instruct a solicitor from the outset so that you are ready for action. Waiting until you have accepted an offer can delay the process unnecessarily

Make sure you have all of your paperwork in order as this can really speed things up. So, if your property is leasehold or share of freehold, make sure you have the papers ready to pass on to your solicitor. Likewise, obtain any planning or building consents well in advance - these can help clinch a sale. Your estate agent and solicitor will be able to advise you on the type of paperwork you need to gather.

A successful sale relies on an efficient and experienced solicitor. We recommend you use Home Legal Services (HLS) who offer a ‘no completion no fee’ service at a competitive fixed fee and also provide a 24/7 online tracking system.

6. Post-viewings

Do take feedback on board - if all the feedback from viewings points towards a particular issue - do something about it.

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